About Crooked Cane

Crooked Cane came into existence in the fall of 2016, when BURIED drummer Carlos Sanchez introduced two of his workplace colleagues from the Truman VA Hospital in Columbia, MO to each other with the intention to start up a blues-rock project. David Bach (guitar, vocals) and Mike Palmer (keyboards, vocals) began sharing their backgrounds as songwriters over decades with local and regional touring bands, and soon concluded that they wanted to showcase their original compositions in this new group. Dr. Sanchez returned to his own group, and the new project recruited bassist Mike Barnes, drummer Mark Wilson, and lead guitarist Andy Parker to round out the lineup. The band began rehearsing material, drawing from Bach and Palmer's established catalogs. 

Within a few weeks after the band began rehearsing, it faced its first serious hurdle. Mike Barnes suffered a debilitating stroke, which left him unable to use the left side of his body. Facing a long course of rehabilitation, Mike nevertheless persisted as a valued member of the band, remaining as a vocalist and arranger and lending his skills to the band's studio recording. The band reached out to guitarist/bassist Dale Bassham to assume bass duties for the group. The six-piece group forged ahead with rehearsing, composing, and recording, and the group was prepared to release its first EP in early 2017. An impromptu Facebook poll led to the name Crooked Cane, and the band subsequently released its debut EP American Sampler. The band began rehearsals for live performance, and made its live debut at the 2017 MAHD Battle of the Bands. 

2018 brought changes to the band's lineup, as Bassham moved out of the area to pursue business opportunities. Wishing him all the best, the band elected to carry on as a five-piece; Mike Barnes returned to the role of bass player, performing bass parts with his able right hand on a keyboard. The band went on to perform three more live shows in 2018, and continued with more live shows and recording throughout 2019 and 2020. 

Crooked Cane released its first full-length self-titled CD in April 2021, and began booking new shows to support the album's release. Parker left the band shortly after, due to family and work obligations. The band has carried on with playing and recording new music since, with Dave's son Joshua Bach filling in on lead guitar for the band's live shows. 


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